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GA-100’s sister product which has a beautiful stripe image.

Surface BCF Nylon 100%
Base Fabric Nonwoven Polyester
Dyeing Method of Yarn Piece Dyed
Backing PVC and Glass Fiber
Size 500mm x 500mm
Overall Thickness 6.5mm
Pile Height H 3.5mm / L 3.0mm (high and low loop pile)
Gauge 1/10
Stitch 13.0
Yarn Weight 17.7
Packing 20pcs/box = 5m 2 /box
Net Weight 24.0kg/box
Flame-retardant Fire Defense Law in Japan Authorized No.EO080216
Antistatic less than 1.0kv (JIS L 1021-16, at 23 degrees centigrade, 25%RH)
Stein Resistant Stain Release
Formaldehyde Radiation F ☆☆☆☆ Interior-fabrics Performance Evaluation Conference Certifi ed No. J06-30344
Way of Installation
Way of Installation Quarter Turn
Notes on Installation  Apply the adhesive on the whole surface of the sub-fl oor thinly and evenly. After drying, when the adhesive becomes translucent, install the tiles. Be careful not to put the tiles too tightly.Due to striped designs, the crossover point of joints may ap
Recommended Adhesive from TOLI
For Steel or Plastic sub-floor 40 to 60 gram/m 2
For Mortar sub-floor 60 to 100 gram/m 2
JIS Registered No. No. QT0508001 QT0408001 (JIS L 4406 Carpet Tile)
Note Please note that the product has the indigenous odor from its materials