Toli Matue NW 1 1

Toli Mature NW Vinyl Sheet

Low-Maintenance Vinyl Sheet, Antibacterial Finished / Highly Durable UV-Coated Surface
Fasol plus vinyl tile 1

Toli Fasol plus Vinyl Tile

Fasol Plus is a very natural marble-look Vinyl Composition Tile that has plentiful 45 colors
Granoble Vinyl Tile 1

Toli Granoble Vinyl Tile

Elegant solid-colors of Granoble can make sophisticated floor images.
Linotesta Vinyl Tile 1

Toli Linotesta Vinyl Tile

Linotesta is a design-oriented Vinyl Composition Tile with natural linoleum look.
Matico V Vinyl Tile 1

Toli Matico V Vinyl Tile

Matico V is TOLI’s long seller Vinyl Composition Tile product that is well received in terms of good cost performance.