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GCK International Inc.

GCK INTERNATIONAL INC. started in the year 2009 as a supplier of flooring materials. Through the ingenuity, sincerity, hard work, and determination of its leader, coupled with its qualified and efficient staff, GCK INTERNATIONAL INC. managed to gain huge success in this chosen field.

GCK INTERNATIONAL INC. continues to grow and innovate year by year. Today, we can be proud of having captured the trust and confidence of its growing clientele and be able to occupy a formidable place in the flooring and expansion joint cover market in the Philippines…

Industries Covered



Airports take a lot of abuse both aesthetically and structurally. Protect interiors from heavy amounts of travelers, luggage, carts and equipment with protection products and expansion joint systems designed to handle this busy environment.



Human-Conscious Design creates unique guest experiences by providing stylish solutions that contribute to a clean and healthy space.



When designing a healthcare facility, Good design can be cost effective and helps to both improve patients’ experience and enhance hospital employees’ quality of life.



Indoor air quality and ambient sound reduction must balance high performance, durability and maintenance ease.


BPO & Offices

A more holistic approach to design helps to create inspiring, fluid spaces that support the safety and wellbeing of the workforce, leading to better productivity and organizational performance. Flooring plays a key role by providing benefits such as improved air quality, sound control, comfort and light reflection.


Expansion Joint

Offers an architectural of thermal, seismic, waterproof and fire rated expansion joint systems meeting the aesthetic and structural demands of airports, hospitals, shopping malls and other building types.



Universities are populated with a sophisticated audience able to appreciate great design on its own merits. Flooring can provide a homey feel while helping with acoustics and indoor air quality, contributing to a comfortable and healthy learning environment.



Ambience is key here because consumers seek distinct experiences and want to see their personalities more directly reflected in the characters of the specialty stores they choose. Surfaces can be bolder and with more texture and personality than in larger, more mass venues.



Sports floor provides optimal comfort and performance. Approved by major sports federations, it provides extreme protection and optimal safety for high performance multi-sports. 

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We will supply our customers with high-quality products and efficient services.


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