Toli Floors Opens First Showroom Outside Japan

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Toli Floor Opens First Showroom Outside Japan

In an industry which is constantly changing and where new brands are constantly introduced, what makes a brand stand the test of time?

Superior quality, knowing your products well and the confidence in your brand to deliver beyond its promise.

And such is demonstrated by the partnership between Toli Floor Corporation and GCK

International Inc. which recently opened the doors of its Toli Manila Showroom, also the first one outside Japan.

Established in 1919 in Itami, Hyogo prefecture, Toli Floor Corporation was the first manufacturer of linoleum in Japan. It has developed products such as carpet tiles, vinyl tiles, vinyl sheets and specialty flooring over the years and considered among the top flooring manufacturers in the world. Today, it has expanded to produce curtains, wallpapers and other interior products. GCK International has been the Philippine distributor of Toli Floors since 1989 and the number one in Southeast Asia.

“I truly admire Mr. Valentino Go and all the staff for their huge and outstanding efforts,” expressed Toli Corporation president Motohiro Nagashima. “I believe that the formation of this new building will be a good opportunity for GCK to expand the business much further.”

“We chose Manila to build our first showroom overseas because we want to increase our sales in the Asean market and GCK has been a good distributor. For 30 years, Mr. Valentino Go and Toli Floor Corporation have a good relationship,” Nagashima added.

“It’s a commitment between two organizations,” said GCK president Valentino Go. “First, we are so proud to be the distributor of Toli because of the high quality product they produce. The color, the design, the complexity of the carpets make it one of the best in the world.”

Go further explained that GCK’s loyalty to promote the brand stems from the fact that the floor manufacturer creates high quality products and that Toli has also provided unquestionable support to GCK for the past three decades.

For Nagashima, pride in Toli Floors and GCK’s knowledge of their products are factors in the lasting business partnership. “He (Go) knows our products well and he proposes to the customers our good points.”

Nagashima shared that quality has always been Toli’s first priority. For a hundred years, Toli has kept this superior quality to sell their products and keep customers satisfied and happy.

For his part, Go looks forward to introducing more people to the Toli brand through the Manila showroom. “This is not only for architects and interior designers. We’re opening this one for educational purposes,” he shared. “It’s not only about business, we also have a social responsibility. Students of interior design can come here to learn more about the products, colors, maintenance, everything,” Go concluded.

Showroom 885 Apacible St. corner Leon Guinto Paco, Manila | Tel: 708-8000 |


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