Uzin Conductive KE2330L Adhesive

Electrically conductive dispersion adhesive for conductive PVC floor coverings in interior locations.
Uzin U2000

Uzin U2000 Baseboard Adhesive

Universal Adhesive for all common floor covering types
Uzin U3000

Uzin U3000 Carpet Adhesive

Tackifier for Luxury Tiles, Quick bonding for dimensionally stable luxury vinyl tiles on levelled subsrates.
SUFA 330

Uzin Vinyl Sheet SUFA 330 Adhesive

Dispersion adhesive with low filler content for PVC and textile floor coverings.
Uzin SUPE 360

Uzin Primer SUPE 360

Liquid disperion primer with a wide range of applications, for interior use only. Particularly suitable for absorbent surfaces.
Uzin SUPE 260

Uzin Primer SUPE 260

Acrylic primer concentrate for absorbent and non-absorbent surfaces
Uzin SUNC 149

Uzin Levelling Compound SUNC 149

Self-levelling cement smoothing compound for levelling and smoothing of interior surfaces
Uzin SUNC 169

Uzin Levelling Compound SUNC 169

High performed, fast self levelling with extremely good flowing properties, Interior use only.