Carpet Tile

flooring 2022

Toli Commercial Flooring 2022

Carpet tiles and vinyl flooring for all the commercial/contract use.
Fabtex 1

Toli Fabtex Carpet Tile

Cushion-backed, antibacterial, and anti-mildew performances are added. Beautiful lineup of plain colors, pine-stripe patterns, and plank forms will create variety of floor designs.
GX series 1

Toli GX Series Carpet Tile

Toli has released GX series-graphic carpet tiles, holding Japan Design as its theme, that consist of exciting 5 design categories, Cool Beauty, Elegance, Diversity, Grace and Classic, expressing Japanese sensibility in reliability quality.
ga 100 1

Toli GA 100 Series Carpet Tile

GA 100 series uses “BCF Nylon” for excellent durability, it is finished with an antifouling treatment using fluororesin.
GA 400 GA 500 1

Toli GA 400 and GA 500 Series Carpet Tile

A General-purpose tile carpet using uncoated polypropylene.
GA 400 GA 500 1 1

Toli GA High-End Series Carpet Tile

A natural nylon tile carpet that can be used in a wide range of areas including offices.
yutaka 1000 1

Toli Yutaka 1000 Series Carpet Tile

YUTAKA 1000 is an easy-to-use modular carpet with classic linear pattern.
yutaka 2000 1

Toli Yutaka 2000 Series Carpet Tile

YUTAKA 2000 is a design-oriented modular carpet.
yutaka 5000 1

Toli Yutaka 5000 Series Carpet Tile

This is alternative size was highly inspired by our own wood-look vinyl plank tiles, and enjoyed a good reputation as the innovative solution for more flexible floor layouts.